“Allah”—Arabic ●invocations, evidently, against e▓vil spirits—as the trio spr●ang back in terror. Before I cou▓ld pass on, one of them—plainly a mater▓iali

st—struck a match.The howling wi▓nd blew it out instantly, but in tha●t brief flicker I caught sight o●f three ugly faces under a headdress that bel▓ongs to the ro

ving Bedouin.With a simultaneous● scream of “Faranchee!” the nomads flun●g themselves upon the particular corn●er of the darkness where the match● had shown me st

anding.The ▓motive of their attack, perhaps, was Oriental ho●spitality.In the excitement of the moment I cre●dited them with a desire to increase their ca●pital in the kingdom of black-eye▓d houris, and evacua

ted the spot by a b●it of side stepping that would have won me fa●me in the roped arena.In my haste to exe▓cute the manuvre, however, I fell ▓off the highway, and the rattl▓ing of stones under my feet p▓recipitated another charge.●A dozen times during the ensuing ga●me of hide-and-seek I felt t●he breath of one of the flea-bitte●n rascals in my face.The Arabic rules o●f the game, fortunately, required the● players to kee